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I ordered 2 books from Indoo thru Abebooks on 11/12. Received order confirmation stating order shipped usps on 11/14.

I emailed them 4 times requesting a tracking number listed on shipping label. They emailed back with a robo response that states the same info but no tracking #. Shipping from NJ to NY is 2-3 days. I received another book from different seller on Abebooks further away from WI in 3 days.

They say I have to wait until 12/4, the full 15 days before I can request a refund. Why? Especially when seller is uncooperative in providing a tracking # that is on THE SHIPPING LABEL!! I wished I would have researched Indoo before ordering; but who routinely does that??

They had a 5 out of 5 star rating on Abebooks. Had I found out they had complaints that go back over 10 years, I would've ordered from different seller. During my research of Indoo, I contacted the Dept.

of consumer affairs (732) 398-2300, and suggest others do too and file a claim with them as well as their credit card/bank. Truly frustrating, having to adopt a buyer beware positon.

Product or Service Mentioned: Usps Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Monetary Loss: $48.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Abebooks - Ergode Books Loses Shipments and Lies

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One and done with these unethical folks. I purchased a new book with expedited shipping online from Ergode Books (EB) of Richmond, TX through AbeBooks.com, the latter of which has normally ethical resellers.

The expedited shipping should have arrived in 3-8 business days. I ordered on June 24, they took payment and allegedly shipped on June 26, but the book failed to arrive by the Wed after July 4. I complained, and they acknowledged the book was lost and they had not used tracking for it. They inquired as a result by email how I wanted to proceed.

After I checked their online AbeBooks Bookseller Inventory and found that they had a 2nd new copy of the book, I told them to send that replacement copy to me overnight with tracking and we'd be "good". Then things went totally "south". EB told me they had no more new versions in inventory (from the evidence I mentioned, an outright alleged L-I-E). Then they went full bait-and-switch and offered me a worn book of indeterminate quality at a paltry discount.

I sent them evidence (see attached file) that they DID have a replacement copy and again asked for them to replace my lost copy with it. I also brought AbeBooks Customer Service into the discussion - CS was not happy about my treatment and did do everything they could to get the recalcitrant EB to try to give me satisfaction. In the end, EB, a 2ND TIME, refused to acknowledge they had a replacement copy they could send me and AGAIN tried to foist a lesser quality version on me for a similar insulting discount. I took my full refund instead, and I encouraged AB CS to consider chastising EB for their abject behavior in re: to my sale.

Bottom line, EB does not use tracking and is outright willing, IMHO, to engage in duplicity with customers to cover their dropped shipments. A true poster child outfit for caveat emptor.

Product or Service Mentioned: Shipping Service.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

Abebooks in Palmerton, Pennsylvania - Ripoff!

Not resolved

I sold back numerous college text books and received a check in the mail for 1/3 of the amount that should have been given. I was told they only received 5 of 7 books and the two that were missing were the most expensive and the largest.

It seemed like quite a coincidence that the most expensive books went missing when they were all shipped in the same box. Nowhere on the website is a valid number to call without leaving a message.

I asked numerous times for a phone number to speak with someone and was rudely ignored. Failed to return calls, would only email and supplied horrible and untrustworthy service.

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